About me

My name is Joonas Westlin, and I work as a software developer at Zure in Finland. I have been working around 9 years professionally, though I've been doing programming as a hobby since the first version of .NET. Throughout my school years I did programming with C#, Java, C, C++, Assembly and JavaScript. Low-level programming languages like C are really not my thing though 🙂 C# and TypeScript are my current favourites.

I mainly do work with Azure and its PaaS services, and most of my work is making custom web applications for customers using ASP.NET Core, usually running on Azure App Service. I am also an Azure MVP. Over the last few years I've specialized in building solutions on top of Azure Active Directory, the identity provider for all of Microsoft's cloud services as well as thousands of existing third party apps.

You can find me on Twitter: @JoonasWestlin and LinkedIn: @joonaswestlin.

My most recent Microsoft certifications: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure Security Engineer Associate, and Azure Developer Associate.