Building a vehicle location tracking app in Azure part 1: Architecture

Posted on: 22-02-2024

In the first part, we look at the architecture for the sample application.

Using Azure Key Vault for signing and encrypting JSON Web Tokens

Posted on: 20-02-2024

How to offload cryptographic operations to Azure Key Vault such that your application never has to handle the private keys.

Durable Functions Deep Dive part 3: Running an activity

Posted on: 11-09-2022

In the third part we look at how the orchestrator function triggers activity functions and handles their results

Durable Functions Deep Dive part 2: Starting an orchestration

Posted on: 08-04-2022

In the second part we take a look at what Durable Functions does under the hood when you tell it to start an orchestration

Durable Functions Deep Dive part 1: Instance startup

Posted on: 27-03-2022

In the first part we will look at what happens during the startup process of an instance in Durable Functions

Building a code sandbox with Durable Functions and Container Instances

Posted on: 20-03-2022

Attempt to build something similar to .NET Fiddle, running untrusted C# code in a container sandbox

Azure AD JWT authentication in .NET isolated process Azure Functions

Posted on: 12-09-2021

The new isolated process model for .NET Azure Functions allows usage of middleware, which we can use to implement authentication and authorization

Migrating social accounts to Azure AD B2C

Posted on: 30-06-2021

How to add existing users with social accounts to Azure AD B2C using the Microsoft Graph API

Arrays in ASP.NET MVC Core route parameters

Posted on: 30-04-2021

How to bind multiple values from a URL to an array parameter

Access data in Cosmos DB with Managed Identities

Posted on: 15-04-2021

Azure AD authentication for Cosmos DB data plane is now in preview, so let's see how we can access it with no keys

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