Track activity and sub-orchestrator progress in Azure Durable Functions orchestrators

Posted on: 03-04-2021

How to keep track of which parallel tasks have completed and make it visible in an orchestrator's custom status

Building Azure AD B2C custom policies part 2: Azure DevOps automated build and deployment

Posted on: 06-03-2021

An approach for building and publishing custom policies in Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines

Building Azure AD B2C custom policies part 1: Visual Studio Code and manual deployment

Posted on: 23-01-2021

Overview of the features of the Azure AD B2C extension for VS Code, how you can use a configuration file for different environments, and approaches for deploying custom policies manually

Get a Managed Identity access token in Azure App Service through Advanced Tools (Kudu)

Posted on: 22-01-2021

Debugging access issues when using Managed Identities can be difficult, so here is a trick to getting an access token to inspect token contents or test access outside the app

Moving .NET Core user secrets to another computer

Posted on: 13-01-2021

Tip for easily setting up existing user secrets on a different machine

Cleaning up Azure Durable Functions execution history

Posted on: 27-10-2020

Approaches for cleaning up execution history of completed Durable Functions instances

Using Azure RBAC with Azure Key Vault

Posted on: 24-09-2020

Exploring the new, standard way of granting access to Key Vault through Azure RBAC instead of access policies

Azure AD v2 and MSAL in 2020

Posted on: 31-08-2020

Updated look at the current state of the Azure Active Directory v2 endpoint and the Microsoft Authentication Library

How Azure Durable Functions scale

Posted on: 04-06-2020

Deep dive into how Azure Durable Functions handle scaling as the amount of work changes

Hide actions from Swagger / OpenAPI documentation in ASP.NET Core

Posted on: 16-03-2020

Two approaches for hiding actions from auto-generated API documentation

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