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Building Azure AD B2C custom policies part 2: Azure DevOps automated build and deployment

Posted on: 06-03-2021

An approach for building and publishing custom policies in Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines

Building Azure AD B2C custom policies part 1: Visual Studio Code and manual deployment

Posted on: 23-01-2021

Overview of the features of the Azure AD B2C extension for VS Code, how you can use a configuration file for different environments, and approaches for deploying custom policies manually

Get a Managed Identity access token in Azure App Service through Advanced Tools (Kudu)

Posted on: 22-01-2021

Debugging access issues when using Managed Identities can be difficult, so here is a trick to getting an access token to inspect token contents or test access outside the app

Cleaning up Azure Durable Functions execution history

Posted on: 27-10-2020

Approaches for cleaning up execution history of completed Durable Functions instances

Using Azure RBAC with Azure Key Vault

Posted on: 24-09-2020

Exploring the new, standard way of granting access to Key Vault through Azure RBAC instead of access policies

Azure AD v2 and MSAL in 2020

Posted on: 31-08-2020

Updated look at the current state of the Azure Active Directory v2 endpoint and the Microsoft Authentication Library

How Azure Durable Functions scale

Posted on: 04-06-2020

Deep dive into how Azure Durable Functions handle scaling as the amount of work changes

ASP.NET Core Data Protection with Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage

Posted on: 14-03-2020

How to configure and use the combination of Azure Storage and Azure Key Vault for data protection in ASP.NET Core with the new Azure integration packages

Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

Posted on: 07-03-2020

The new Free tier of Cosmos DB finally enables people to test this very versatile database service

Testing Azure AD-protected APIs, part 5: Pipelines in Azure DevOps

Posted on: 25-01-2020

In this part we look at how the integration tests made in third part can be run in Azure DevOps

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